Welcome to myPoolMate.com

It's easy to get started

1. Register and create a mypoolmate.com account
You will be sent an email after registration. Please check your spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox. When you get that email click on the link to confirm your account

2. The MyPoolMateLink

To transfer data from your PoolMate watch you need the mypoolmatelink app too.

Download the appropriate version to your computer and run to install, follow the default settings where possible. The mypoolmatelink will be installed in your Program files x86 or application directory.

MyPoolMateLink instructions

1. Plug in your PoolMatePlus, PoolMateLive, PoolMateSport or PoolMateHR download clip or pod and run the mypoolmatelink application and the main screen appears.

2. Click the Account button and fill in your mypoolmate.com email and password, click Save (this only needs to be done the first time you use it). You can close this window now.

3. When the link has recognized the pod the message in the middle of the window will indicate it is connected.

  • ●  PoolMatePlus will say Regular pod connected
  • ●  PoolMateLive will say Connected and the watch will say LINKED on the screen
  • ●  PoolMateSport will say Connected and the watch will say LINKED on the screen
  • ●  PoolMateHR will say Charging and the watch will say CONNECT

(If the message still says Plug in Pod even when the pod is connected follow these instructions PC Manual install or MAC troubleshooting)

4. Select a date you want to upload swims from and click Upload New Swims. A progress bar will appear and it will then upload all swims from that date forward to mypoolmate.com and open the mypoolmate.com web page for you to view them.

(Don’t be alarmed, if you have the PoolMatePro or PoolMatePlus there is an extra step. On clicking Upload you will get a message asking you to Place watch on pod in Upload mode, then it will transfer the swims to mypoolmate.com)


Once you have registered and confirmed your email address you can set up your profile. Select PROFILE from the ACCOUNT menu

You can upload a photo, add personal details, link to your facebook account so you can share swims with your friends, add a swim.com account if you have one.

Then select SETTINGS, enter your pool details and heartrate zones (if you are using a PoolMateHR). Nearly done, last thing to do is to select PRIVACY and change any settings from the default.

****Let’s take a journey around mypoolmate.com

Start with the HOME page, this is where you find a list of all recent swims, a summary of your records and challenges.

Click on a swim and you can see it in more detail, add notes, make changes. You can export the swim directly to Strava, swim.com or download a csv file too.

Want a virtual challenge?

See your progress, your records and those of other mypoolmate users

Import data from PoolMateProV2 software.

1. Export your swims from the PoolMateProV2 application. Select File/Export to file from the menu and save this on your computer.

2. Select UPLOAD/POOLMATE from mypoolmate.com, choose the correct file and upload all or some of your swims.


I didn't get my registration email - Check your SPAM folder, they can get stuck in there. If you still cant find it click on the Forgot password link beneath the passpwrd field on the login page. This will send another email out for you.

How do I upload from my watch? - Connect your pod and watch to your computer and open the mypoolmatelink app. Click Upload New Swims, once uploaded the mypoolmate.com will open and you can log in to see your new swims.

I used the older PoolMatePro software, can I change to this one? - Yes of course, you can import all you old data too. This replaces the PoolMateProV2 desktop software, please make sure this is not running on your computer at the same time as this will prevent the pod from being recognised by the mypoolmatelink.

How do I transfer my previous swims from the PoolMateProV2 software? - Open the PoolMatePro V2 software and select export/export to file from the File menu. This will export your data, save it somewhere then go to mypoolmate.com and select Upload/PoolMate from the menu. Select the file you just saved and it will be imported. Select the individual swims you want to import or press the Upload all button to import them all.

Can I add a session if I forget my watch? Just select UPLOAD then MANUAL ENTRY from the menu bar, you can add any swim details here.

Can I share swims to Facebook? Make sure you are logged into Facebook, go to your PROFILE page and click the Facebook Connect logo. Once connected you can click on the Facebook logo at the bottom of each swim graph to share on your Facebook feed.

Can I sync swims to Strava? Yes, go to your PROFILE page and scroll down to the Social/Internet section. Click Strava Connect. Once connected you will be asked for permission to link your strava account. After doing this you will see a blue Send to SAtrava button at the bottom of each swim page. Just click this to send that swim to your Strava account.

Can I share with a third party app? Just export it as a tcx file which can be imported into many other training applications like TrainingPeaks, GarminConnect, SportsTracks etc.

I don’t think all my swims uploaded - Email support@swimovate.com and let us know if you have a PC or a Mac and we will get right back to you as soon as we are in the office.

If you come across anything that is not working as it should, or you do not understand anything, please email us with details of your computer setup (PC or Mac) and as much information about the problem as possible. Screenshots are very helpful support@swimovate.com